1. So turns out I no longer need a headset I’ve just purchased so if anyone’s interested I’ll be selling a Turtle Beach DP11 headset, unopened, for about $70 instead of the listed $120. Send me an ask if you’re interested and we can talk.

    [Even if you’re not interested it’d be super helpful if you guys would boost this so maybe I /will/ find someone interested!]

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  2. camnthecanadian said: According to firefox, this is my most visited site starting with the letter "x"

    *Final Fantasy victory music plays*

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  3. cilantrolime:


    What would you guys name him?

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  4. roseyschemes said: After you receive this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten fave followers (・ω・)

    Sob really Bazi? XD Okay okay I’ll do it but I’m not big on sending these things to people because some of them find them irritating [go figure].

    Wait… is there anything about me you guys don’t know???


    1. I play the clarinet, some tenor saxophone, and want to learn the trumpet. I used to take guitar [but my teacher left and I liked him] and while I can play piano, I can only play with one hand because I have trouble processing more than one line of music at the same time.
    2. I have a typing speed of roughly 88wpm [though mighta gone down by now… haven’t practiced or tested for a while] and have been using the computer since I was three.
    3. I tend to collect quite a few things including: old shitty how-to-draw-manga books, markers [and various art supplies], fabrics, popsicle sticks, stickers, food books, and old electronics I no longer use.
    4. When I get a good income I want to go back to both high school and college.
    5. I don’t drive cars because I don’t like driving something bigger than me when I can’t see everything at once, but I also don’t really drive motorcycles because my hearing and comprehension is off and I don’t want to ruin the gears. [That’s why I stick to my scooter~]

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  5. cilantrolime:

    Does anyone have Risk of Rain? We should multiplayer! I’ll even set up the server [if I can figure it out lol].

    Just send me an ask. <3

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  6. thickskin-tenderheart:

    My hobbies include making OC’s and making AU’s of those OC’s

    (via bootater)

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  7. Wow um lots of new followers, so once again it’s time for that post.

    I only use this blog for very occasional video game [mostly attempts at LPs] videos here. Or little stupid things I found/did in video games.

    I also [the main reason] use this blog to have my ask/whatever username as Xobb.

    My ‘main’ blog [the one I actually actively post things on] is CilantroLime. Believe me, it’s way more interesting than this one, and you’ll actually see things from me there and will get to interact with me better there.

    Thx. <3

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  8. photo

    People totally think you’re a lost child when you’re out in public.


    When you try to really tell someone off in an argument, but they can only talk about “how cute you are when you’re mad.”


    Being short = being too close to NATURE.


    Being offered the children’s menu at restaurants.

    Your yearbook photographer had to lower the camera significantly in order to fit you in the frame.



    Never being able to reach the top shelf of anything, anywhere.


    Not being able to see around anyone when you’re in a crowd.

    You can never reach the other side of the table, so if you want more dinner you either have to ask for more or get up to go get it yourself.

    Having only, like, one other petite friend (but loving them extra for it).

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  10. playbunny said: hiiii ovo im doing good how are youuu

    Neeee! I’m doing good too. ;v; Did a bit of cleaning and working off the threat of a food coma.

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